How to Optimize your Business Locally?

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Optimizing the business locally is as difficult and time and consuming as normal SEO and has the same two prerequisites: Good content and quality links. But, most of the small businesses generally cannot do without local business optimization, in case they want to tap the local markets. Here are some tips that they can use:

  • Adding the website to Google maps- Once you’ve submitted all the details through your Google account, you’ll be required to verify them. Once this is done, your site will start appearing in the local search queries. Then, this can also be done on Yahoo local and Bing local.
  • Your business name needs to be included in your title tags, description and throughout your website.
  • Your address and phone number needs to be included at the bottom of every page.
  • The name of your city and state needs to be included in your title tags, description, page headers and content.
  • Try and get free listings in as many local directories as possible.
  • Go for Geo-tagging- It’s the process of adding geographical identification metadata to photographs, video, websites or RSS feeds. These data generally consist of latitude and longitude coordinates. Geo tags help search engines to locate you on the map and therefore help in local search queries.
  • Using webmaster tools- It’s another way of informing Google about your geographical location.
  • Submitting the site to local web directories and yellow pages- It has two advantages. One, it’ll bring local traffic to your website and two, it’ll get you some relevant back links.
  • List your business in Google places– It’s free.

Local business optimization is important for those website owners who do not want the users to come from all over the globe, but want to limit it to a specific country, city or region.